Kascco LTD aims at ensuring compliance to Government legislative requirements

whilst setting a highest Occupational Health and Safety standard.

At Kascco Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) is everyone’s business and priority. We believe compliance with statutory requirements represents only the minimum standard acceptable. Instead, Kascco is committed to our policy of “Zero incident”- to our people, our equipment and the environment we work in.

In our pursuit of the highest Occupational Health and Safety standards,

we promote safety through training resources, systems and accurate record keeping.

Our standards and procedures collectively define the way work is to be planned, assigned and executed to achieve safe outcomes. We believe that incidents and injuries should not occur if all the requirements of our standards and procedures are always applied and followed.

Protecting safety of our people is vital and Kascco has invested a significant amount to ensure our people are always safe and protected by using a cutting-edge technology that allows us to monitor fatigue related issues within the team.

  • The technology helps the monitoring and evaluation of individual fatigue level and helps to eliminate the fatigue at an early stage to avoid any incidents related.


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