Mining - Load and Haul

With a range of wide fleet consisting of 25tons -120ton excavators, 40tons – 100tons Dump trucks coupled with wide range of ancillary equipment and other heavy plants, you can leave the earthmoving to us, knowing that we’ll get the job completed safely, on time and within budget. Be it any scope we have it covered, Bush clearing, pre-strip, access and haul road construction, dewatering, excavation, loading, hauling, dumping and equipment hire.

Blast Hole Drilling and Exploration

With the provision of a total solution in drilling, Kascco Ltd has expanded her activities from blasting holes to exploration drilling with a large number of drill rigs fleet ranging from ATLAS COPCO CS14, ATLAS COPCO L8-30 and PANTERA D 1500 which provide excellent work in the field.

We offer safe, cost effective solutions to your drilling and blasting needs, by utilizing our modern fleet we constantly strives to provide our clients with the most professional service possible, whilst maintaining high standards of safety

Mobile Crushing

At Kascco we do it all with a range of crushing plants from mobile to statics plants with the capacity from 200TPH to 450TPH diesel and power propelled respectively. We have provided our crushing and screening services for more than 7 years providing our clients with full coverage of all crushing and screening requirements from 4mm to 150mm crushed and screened stones, suitable for road base, construction and all concrete needs.


The depth of our resources is reflected in the variety of projects we undertake from roads and dams constructions, Mining (Load and Haul), Drilling, road base stones crushing and long distance haulage. We've offered it all and more. Regardless of the scope of the project, Kascco Ltd works to meet the needs of our clients in the timeliest and most cost-efficient way and always with an eye to quality and safety.

Civil Construction

Kascco Limited has been in existence since 2005 and has grown from a micro equipment hiring contractor to one of the leading Mining, roads and earthworks contractors in the construction and mining cluster domiciled in Zambia. Being a champion in the construction of Heavy traffic roads, Drainage, Road maintenance, pipe lines and Culverts.


At Kascco we are set up to tailor our Freight Management services to your exact requirements. Either way from any point on the globe to any other we aim to make a Difference. our experienced staff provides seamless transportation and logistics services to increase efficiency, decrease delivery times, and decrease costs.

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